Hypoglycemia and Snacking

Hi. I am 5’3″ and 112 lbs, (started at 115 or 116 a couple weeks ago) so I’m not overweight, but I have developed mild hypoglycemia over the last few years. When I asked my doctor what this meant, she said that it meant that I was sensitive to sugars. I have been doing the Stop Overeating program less for weight loss than to stop gaining/losing the same 5 lbs, and to finally stop thinking about–and eating–food all the time (albeit healthy choices). I am wondering if 1) the constant snacking might have contributed to the hypoglycemia; and 2) If one has hypoglycemia, is it more important to stabilize blood sugars with a healthy snack between meals? I have stopped snacking almost altogether over the past few weeks, and have pretty much gotten used to it. Fasting does not feel good past 12 or 13 hours, so I’m not skipping breakfasts. The insulin/snacking stuff is pretty confusing to me. Thanks in advance for the feedback.