I allowed an urge!

This isn’t really a question but just possibly some encouragement for others who are focusing on their buffering right now. I buffer by eating. About an hour ago I felt the need for a snack and went to look in the fridge and the cupboards. I have been consciously food shopping so I don’t have any good snack food in my home. So obviously I couldn’t find any good snack foods so instead of making myself something I just made the decision to leave the kitchen.

This is when my ego (or whatever you want to call it) went a bit crazy and kept saying, “I want something to eat” over and over again. But instead of giving in I went and sat in the bathroom and cried on and off for about 30 mins. And omg was it UNCOMFORTABLE. I felt scared, unsafe, confused, annoyed, angry and so much more.

This is the first time all these feelings came up all at once. It’s like all the feelings I have been avoiding over the years just kept popping by to say hello one by one. And every time I thought I was through it another would come up. Honestly, I was a hot mess but once I had allowed the feelings I felt so much better.

I just kept thinking that my future self would be thanking me for doing this. I know she is.
So for anyone in this situation trying to allow your urges but not quite being able to, I encourage you to give it a try one day. It’s uncomfortable as hell but once you make it to the other side it’s glorious 😊 Here’s to allowing 100 more urges over the next 30 days!