I Am A Dynamite And My Husband Slows Me Down

The title says it all – I don’t want to think that way – we recently bought an amazing property (thanks to scholars my life is getting huge), idea is to collect income from short term rental.  I’m having a terrible time accepting the slow progress and blame my husband for being busy with stupid tasks and not concentrating on the main goal – have the property management company list the house already and we start benefiting and me eventually stop working for somebody and start progressing. All his fault 😊😊😊

The reality is that I am a dynamite when it comes to decision and executing – I go all in and done!! Thank you for that, Brooke and coaches! Where I am not progressing is in allowing people to be who they are – and not being in a hurry. I’m the only one who brings income right now, and I feel that my husband is very comfortable with that and it bothers the shit out of me. I know it’s my value and trying to think this way but when he acts like a macho around money not making any, my emotions get out and I say mean things. Fight, words, yelling and screaming, both hurting, nothing productive is done. I recognize “victim” in me and hate it.  I also recognize how much money we are not making on this property and hate it even more. Help me to get out of this loop, please.