I am afraid my husband will be jealous of the time I spend on SCS.

This is my first month with Scholars. How do you advise handling the relational aspect of time spent on self coaching scholars? My options are basically early morning or late evening– time I usually spend snuggling or talking or downloading the day out loud to him. It’s unlikely I would be able to get him to join me in doing the thought work, although that would be my first choice.

This has come up for me with going to the gym– I have a chronic medical condition which requires regular workouts to keep me from chronic pain. He is honest with his feelings: “I miss you when I wake up and you are not here.” Or, “I’m really sad that you have to get up so early to exercise so that you don’t have pain. Nobody should have to do that instead of snuggling.”

I feel incredibly lucky to be loved and desired– and good relationships require time. I work and have children and not a lot of time.