I am also parenting teen children . . . :)

Brooke talks about the adults in your life being free to do whatever they want, and we have no say in it. We can set boundaries of what we will do, but we cannot tell them what they can do. I agree.
When it come to parenting teens, I feel we have a different responsibility toward them than we do the adults in our lives. One of our children was adopted from Eastern Europe at the age of 12. When he turned 15 he started to break rules/standards that we had. A few examples would be that he wanted to play explicit rap music in our home/car, he would borrow friends electronic devices (so that we would not know) and watch a movie or play games all night on weeknights in his bedroom and then not be able to stay awake the next day in school, he didn’t want to do any homework but instead go play video games at his friends home while failing classes, he would want to stay out past midnight on weekends when he was suppose to be home. He would want all the privileges with none of the responsibilities. These are not problems just because he was adopted, because I hear other parents complain about some of them with their kids.
How are parents supposed to handle these situations with a teenager living in their home with younger children that disregards family rules?