I am an introvert trying to start a business

Hello, I need help with this model. I am a mother of a special needs child who is functioning very well and integrated into the general school system very well. I gained a lot of knowledge about diet and lifestyle in helping him. Now my husband is home as he switched to a part time work. I have a website where I have been posting about my son’s recovery and our journey for the last 5 years and helping families out, free of charge.

But now I want to monetize my work and hours. I am wondering if I should keep it a minimal, affordable fee so a lot of people can benefit from it. I started doing so last year, however some kids had a bad response to diet change that I recommended and I felt so discouraged and took it to heart and ended up crying for days over that. I ended up taking a break given COVID, and we were moving cities etc.

It was just a lot to handle emotionally. I take it to my heart and start self-doubting, doubt my worth, feel like I have such low self-esteem. I have been working with a homeopath regarding the self-esteem and every time I take the medicine, I feel so much braver. I also have the fear as to if I charge for my services and someone does not like it? Also, I am an INTROVERT. How can I put up the videos that I want to?