I am jealous of my husband.

I want to let go of negative thoughts about the life my husband lives and I don’t know how.

I am self-employed. When we became parents for the first time (3 years ago), we decided that the one who earned less would stay at home. That was me.

Since then, I’ve tried to raise our children (we have 2 now) and run a successful company. Although I try not to compare ourselves, I often recognize how my husband’s (family/work) life seems so much more attractive to me.

He stays in bed until 6.30 am, sometimes he cares for the kids, then he leaves for work and comes back when the children have one or two hours left until they eat and sleep.

I wake up around 5 am and work for 2 hours, then I take care of the children (sometimes we do it together), then I have 3 hours to work and after that, I have to get the children from daycare (due to Corona, they are only there for 3 hours).

After that, I cook the meal and “deal with the children” for five to seven hours. When my husband is at home, I work for another 2 hours, then we get the two to sleep (sometimes my husband does that on his own) and then I work again or fall asleep.

My husband is really open and supports me, but he can’t change his working hours at the moment.

What can I think in order to not be jealous of his life? I don’t want to be with the children all day long and especially now there is no other option.