I am learning to hold everything and everyone in my life much lighter. I am in ‘control freak’ recovery.

I have listened to the podcast for the past 2+ years, it has changed my life. 6 weeks ago I decided to go to the next level and join scholars, even more life changing! I am taking advantage of live coaching, which is amazing, doing the work everyday, but still need help with The Model. I love everything about it and definitely believe that all issues can be solved using it. I find it challenging to find the circumstance. I seem to make it a thought. Below is a Model that I am currently working on, would love some feedback.

Unintentional Model
C- Life will happen as it will
T- If I don’t control my 3 teens (and husband) something bad might happen. I need to keep them safe while their brains are not fully developed (frontal lobe). I am afraid they will make a bad decision that will negatively affect their life or reputation (or mine!).
F- Fear
A- I create frenetic energy (with my fear!). I push people away with my ‘rules’ and expectations. I have a ‘manual’ that those around me must adhere to for me to be ok (ugh..) I live in judgement of how things SHOULD be (according to me!).
T- I break the flow and connection with life and those I love. I create unnecessary stress and heaviness for myself.

Intentional Model
C- Life will happen as is will
T- I trust that all will happen as it should. I trust that I will walk through the good and bad of life and be ok- without ‘buffering.’ All feelings are ok. I will accept what “is”
F- Freedom (Acceptance feels lighter + freer!)
A- My energy shifts when I have acceptance and non-judgement. I show up more open to those I love the most. I have conversations and ask great questions from a place of curiosity and love. I am breathing deeper and feeling calm.
R- I am FREE (from the bondage that fear has had on me)

I feel like I still confuse my Thoughts, Actions + Results. Am I putting too much into one Model?

Looking forward to your feedback!