I Am Messing It Up

C: Email from a client saying ” We don’t have the budget right now. Thanks for your offer.
T: I am messing it up.
F: Panic
A: Change my game plan. I stop having faith in my abilities and skill and experience. Want to lower my price. Give away the work.
I want to try anything. Blame myself – I didn’t do a good job in selling it. Get Angry. Lose steam – as motivated to keep showing up.
Judge – my brain is all over the place again. Struggle to believe others are come and buy.  Don’t take care of myself – panic, action. Reach back out right away. Stop myself from acting quickly. Believing it was going to happen. Price is too much. Urge to lower the price. Taking relax, move body. Have compassion – workshop – tomorrow. I am not good enough.
Don’t Journal or relax myself with tea. Not allow myself to take time off.
R:  ???

What’s the result of this model according to you? Thanks

Any coaching on this please?