I am miserable in my ‘perfect’ job and company

I am a manager in my field, where I’ve worked for 20 years. My field is notoriously difficult for women with significant cultural issues. I was living in a city on the coast but when looking for a new job, I thought I found my ‘perfect’ company and moved across the country to work for them. But since I’ve moved, I’ve discovered that this team is even worse than what I’ve experienced in the past, I get a lot of negative feedback about my work, and I am wishing every day I could move back to the city that I loved living in. The problem with that is that if I leave, it will look bad on my resume and will be difficult to justify, as this company is perceived as one of the best out there to work at. I feel so stuck and unhappy. I know these are just circumstances but I don’t know where to begin to start doing better? I am fantasizing about going home but know that the tradeoff is that my prospects might be limited, especially with the pandemic affecting the economy. ‘

Coaches, what should I do?