I am not going to make it belief

Dear Coaches,

I’m just closing my journal, and I was confronted again with the thought that “I am not going to make it”, which provides quite a lot of anxiety. The thing is that I know I am going to make it, I have all the proofs of my success in the past, and I feel very confident. This time it was about packing my things and getting everything ready before travelling: it’s not my first time, I never failed at it.

I also have this thought about certification, even if I know that I study hard and practice as much as I can. I wonder why this thought is still there. It looks like I was using it for fuel, to stress me for action. I am aware it is not useful, I am aware it is not true, so I really wonder why it is so hard to get rid of it. I am processing the anxiety and the thought fades, and it surprises me that treating a feeling seems to have an effect on a thought.

I’d be really curious to have your opinion about what is happening there, is it a special thing with very old beliefs ? It seems that it works also like that with other beliefs (I’m not worthy, there is something wrong about me etc…)

Thank you so much for your answer.