I Am Not My Thoughts

I am just so glad I am learning that I really am not my thoughts! It is a life-changing journey toward freedom. If I am not my thoughts then any thought is optional for me. Will you please help me to even better grasp this concept?

Everything in my experience would suggest otherwise. My thoughts appear in my head. They are known only to me. They speak in my voice. I can hear anything I command my brain to say. So how can my thoughts not be who I am?

It seems like so many of my thoughts should be based on my observations. Haven’t I been given my brain to do that for me? It seems like I should be giving value to the thoughts from my observations. But I do see that many of those are the ones that cause my suffering. “No, I see that you really are not as _____ as they are”, for example.

What about the issue of wisdom and insight? Should my observations be valued then? But where would I draw the line?

On the flip side, I do see that my thoughts may be a part of who I am in this moment but in the next moment, however, they may or not be there. If they were a part of my essential nature or self then they would always be present. I wouldn’t be free of them for a single moment.

Please help me to make better sense of all of this so that I can clearly believe that I am not my thoughts and ANY thought really is optional for me to believe. Thank you!