I am right, they must give me credit for it

Hi there, I am a Diamond in Scholars. Here is an unintentional model where I tried to dig deeper on the beliefs (B) behind the immediate thought that was causing me to act. Could you please suggest to me at what level to focus my thought substitution? Said differently, which do you think is the key belief to address here?

– C: 2 hours at in a theatre. Friends are asking me to hang with them some time longer in the bar of the theatre. I have never been in a place with this people density since corona started. Gave them my reason to why I did not want to stay inside and told them this is not normal. For them, all of this was not an issue
– T: I was not able to convince them of my position
– B: I am not good at standing firmly and confidently in my positions
– F: upset with myself
– A: cycle back fast, eat fast
– R: I am not standing confidently with myself

## Notes

I tried to dig a bit more around the belief, this is what comes out

– B: there is an objective right and an objective wrong
– B: when I am sure I am right or I am doing something right people should acknowledge it
– B: If I am convinced to be right and people do not agree/do not acknowledge it, then:
– → then they will think I am wrong
– → they don’t appreciate me
– → I’ll be left out, abandoned, isolated
– → It is harder to appreciate myself if the other don’t
– → I am not allowed to appreciate myself if the other don’t