I am scared when my daughter does risky circus tricks

My 13yo daughter is an aerials performing artist. She hangs from a very high ceiling in a studio and does amazing trick on a metal hoop or an aerial silk. She has a competition coming up in a week where she will perform in front of an audience. The floor in made from cement and if she was to fall it could result in death or a serious injury. She chooses not to use a crash mat because she trusts herself. When I watch her perform I am gripped with fear and an instinct to protect her from danger. What I really want is to be a supportive and trusting energy. I want to be able to enjoy her performance. I am very proud of her. And yet, I find myself waking most nights and worrying about what could happen. I know that worrying is not going to help anything, I just don’t know how to stop. What should I do?