I am so proud of myself

I am working on looking at my successes, even something so simple and throw it into a model. I am so used to looking at things that I am doing wrong, that I believe that energy is holding me back (gosh! I could even throw that into a model). Anyway, would doing a thought download like this and with a model be something that would help me look at all the good I am creating for myself?

I am so proud of myself, because I had such a relaxing weekend with my family. It was the three of us, Lib went to SA with my mom. My weekend was led by moving slowly, sitting under a beach umbrella listening to the waves roll in and out, smelling the sea breeze and feeling the breeze roll up and against my body. I was so relaxed, I could feel myself dip into my parasympathetic nervous system – my body began melting into the my beach chair, my hands were comfortably resting on my belly and I could feel my belly expand and I inhaled in and exhaled through my nose. There was nothing to do. I got to just be with the boys. I made simple meals. I even took a nap on Saturday. It was fun!

C: Weekend at the beach
T: There’s nothing to do.
F: Relaxed
A: Went to the beach, moved slowly, made simple meals, took a nap, jumped in the pool, hangout with the boys, did not OCD clean condo, I didn’t eat dessert, I indulged in LCS training.
R: I enjoyed my weekend.