I Am The Author of My Life

Tomorrow I have a road test.
Today is my birthday.
Here’s how I author my life in advance over the virtual pages of SCS:

I am a Leo, of course I am passing the road test.
Passing the road test is opening a new road in my life.
I am sitting with ease behind the wheel, confident but without bravado, with just pure trust in myself.
My senses are of a Leo. I am alert, focused and in charge of the road of my life and my path.
I’ve already proved that passing a road test is easy for me. This is simply a new country, new street, if anything, I am only better.
I am giving myself a birthday gift tomorrow by passing this test. This ten minutes ride will open so many roads for me.
There is no limit to where I can drive from hereon now.

Happy Birthday to all July 25th born scholars. Will keep you posted after the test.

That Screenwriter