I ate sugar

I stopped eating sugar and drinking alcohol on October 1. The sugar was BY FAR the harder of the two. I didn’t even notice the alcohol.

Tonight, more than four months later, I ate seven pieces of my kid’s Halloween candy and drank two glasses of wine. My thought was: I deserve it after this terrible day. **Can you offer some ideas for how to “start over” now?** Or any new models I might try? I also have some indulging-in-confusion thoughts about it not actually being a big deal at all, as in, why should I care.

C: Ate 7 pieces of chocolate, drank two glasses of wine
T: the last four months worth of work was for nothing
F: Shame
A: Beat myself up
R: Keep eating sugar

T: It doesn’t matter because I’m already at a societally-acceptable weight.
F: Disappointed in self
A: give up on any plan
R: don’t make any weight goals

T: Can’t wait for more candy tmrw
F: Shame
A: Eat more candy
R: Eat sugar

T: it doesn’t matter
F: Free
A: Stop eating on plan
R: Stop caring about eating sugar or not eating sugar