I ate the donut

I’m struggling to tie my result back to my thought. This involves eating off my food protocol.

C: Husband bought family donuts
T: I deserve a donut
F: able
A: ate the donut, noticed sensations in body and labeled them gross, told myself I should do better next time, judge myself for eating off protocol, accuse myself of trickery, did not allow urge, gave into moment of pleasure
R: state of shame

Looking at my model I can see where my thought appears harmless, but thinking I deserve this “tricked” me into doing something I shamed myself about after action. Is this a case of thoughts that appear harmless and innocent actually aren’t. I don’t want to be in a state of shame, therefore the thought doesn’t serve me. Perhaps this is a classic thought error. I need help making sense of my model and how my result correlates to my thought.