I believe actions create results.

The R: I want to be excited about my days and my life but I’m not believing feelings create results, I’m believing actions create results. How do I get over that?

Can you help me with a model?

C: I wake up and do things every day
T: I am living life fully and enjoying the journey.
F: inspired
A: I do things that I find fun, stimulating & exciting
R: I want to be excited about my day and my life.

I really believe I need to figure out what activities are fun, stimulating and exciting for this model to give me the result of being excited about my life. Show me the error in my thinking! I want to feel inspired but it’s hard to feel inspired. I think I have FOMO and whatever I’m doing with my time does not feel good enough when I think of all the things Other people are doing that seem fun and exciting.