I blew it…

Hi Brooke! So I’m another one who’s been complaining about the lack of awesome dudes out there as I’ve recently started dating and the calibre of online men has left me feeling a little bummed. I’ve decided to switch tactics and go out more instead of doing the online thing and the other day was in a situation where the universe pitched me a great ball in the form of an awesome dude and I… totally choked. I just didn’t have the guts to speak to him and ended up with a headful of regrets instead of a phone number. My question is- how do I learn from this in a way that is kind instead of beating myself up for ‘being such a pussy’ or believing I’ve missed my chance at a beautiful relationship because I didn’t speak to him?
Here are some thoughts I’ve come up with:
– Even though I didn’t speak up this time, it was a great lesson to know what I will do next time
– I’m learning so much about myself and this is what its about
– When I keep learning and keep growing from my experiences I know I will meet someone awesome.
– This shows me that there are plenty of awesome dudes out there
– I’m a badass and any dude I speak to is one lucky man

Would love any more thoughts you might have? Thanks so much!