I Broke My Protocol & Now I’m Worried

Hi… I’ve been happily following my protocol for the past month and today I broke it from simply being anxious / awkward & not managing myself better ‘in the wild.’

Anyway… I’m just worried now because of old patterns, one slip has more often than not become a slippery slope for me. I’m worried about the impact to my weight & my reaction to that also. I’m telling myself that imperfection is part of the process and I just hope I believe myself. I get so frustrated & react badly to ‘mistakes’ that cost me a weight gain. It wasn’t even worth it so perhaps that’s a thought to cling to?

C: Ate off protocol today
T: Uh oh… this could end up being another slippery slope.
F: Fear / anxiety
A: Worry. Book coaching session.
R: Question myself / don’t trust myself.