I can coach myself out of down days, so why shouldn’t I?

Why would I coach myself out of a down day?
If I had client calls/meetings/commitments I wanted to keep I’d work on coaching myself into a different mood.

Why would you choose not to coach myself out of down days?
If I don’t have any priorities or commitments I don’t want to break I can opt to take a day off if I feel low energy. I can also give myself grace for not being super high-energy every day and still do some things I had planned at a slower pace.

I’m noticing that when I give myself time off on down days I often come back reenergized, motivated and more creative.

What do you think about the decision you made here?
It was a fine decision and mine to make. I’m going to pay attention to this the next time it comes up and apply my criteria here, make a decision and own it. If I give myself time off I can go all in on that and enjoy it. If I choose to follow my plan I can consider options like taking part of the day off or lightening the workload. There are lots of options I’m seeing when I stay out of judgment.