I can do this!

Funny story..I’m on a plane with my husband reading the “Ask Brooke” questions on Intermittent Fasting etc.. I was reading one about how “dark chocolate” is ok and I randomly remembered I bought some days ago and gave it to my husband to put in his backpack. Then I asked him “hey, do you still have that dark chocolate?” He. said “Yes, I’ll get it”. But as he was getting it I had this conversation in my brain: “Wait…I don’t even want it!”…”Well she said it was okay to eat!”..”But I’m not hungry and I don’t even want it”…”Oh well, he’s getting it out right now, I’ll just eat some”…”Dangit! I’m telling him I don’t want it”. So I did. And he looked at me like “You a crazy lady”. BREAKTHROUGH :)).