I Can Lose Weight

Such a mind blowing thought for me. I didn’t join scholars to lose weight, although I’m significantly overweight. I had given up. I just wanted to learn how to manage my nasty thoughts about myself. But since joining and doing thought work daily, I decided to get the urge jar and try. I think it’s the notebook and deciding in advance that is really working for me. My protocol is very generous and looks nothing like any of the restricting diets that I used to do. Sometimes a reflection of yesterday’s urges, and I sometimes don’t even want to eat it by the time the next day rolls around. I’ve lost 7 pounds since joining scholars in April a month ago, 5 of which just in the last 4 days of using the urge jar. This is amazing. I don’t really even get urges, I’m more thinking about what I have planned to eat that day and my mind seems to know that I’m not going to eat anything not in my book, but if I really want it I can put it on for a day or 2 from now. My mind seems totally cool with that. I bet once I clean up what I eat more the urges will be more intense, but I’m deciding not to worry about it right now. Who am I?!?