I cannot believecir!!!

No question, just a vote of appreciation for Brooke!!
My September project was to down-size 3 major closets. Beginning with my office, or as I refer to it as my “climate-controlled storage space”, I realized how much life I missed by just tossing it in a closet which then spilled to the room outside it. A rack had fallen in our master closet about 3 years ago. I placed all the clothes on the twin bed in the office. As I cleared that office closet, I recognized my addiction – yarn!!! Anyone else? Bagged it all in Hefty bags and tossed up on top of the loft bed. I also apologized to my husband for being in denial about the quantity.

Last week, I bagged every bit of clothing on that lower bed and off they went to a local charity closet. WHAT A RUSH! That feeling of accomplishment was far greater than the emotion I held for any of the closthes. YOU can do this!!