I can’t control the chaos of my life.

I often feel like life throws me a maelstrom of circumstances. I feel carried away of a tidal wave of confusion, reactivity when that happens. Last week I was simultaneous very sick with a bad cold, and had to take my daughter to the ER with scary symptoms. Both of these situations threw me off for days both physically and mentally. I like my reasons for going off-plan, but I can see that I created a lot of drama in my head about what this all meant.

Help with models please?

C did not follow plans
T I can’t control the chaos of my life
F out of control
A react to circumstances; stop making plans; buffer; focus more on people-pleasing; lose focus; create drama in my head about circumstances; feel victimized
R my life is out of control

C did not follow plans
T I can accept that I didn’t follow my plans and start being proactive now [reaching for a ladder thought here]
F in control
A be proactive, make plans on calendar; accept circumstances; don’t allow myself to indulge in victim mode; choose what I do with integrity; follow plan; maintain focus
R I’m in control of my life

I love the “Ask A Coach” part of SCS. Thank you.