I can’t do all of this.

I’m recently separated from my husband. I’ve got kids, house, job, with issues with each. I don’t feel as if I can keep up with all of the demands.
I feel as if there are not enough hours to do all of the house tasks, kid tasks, job tasks, and any self-care.
My computer is not working suddenly (there was a storm here and now it says it’s not getting power), I have lost keys to husband’s family house in Tahoe, there is a water leak in the garage, rats in the garage, my daughter is in 1st grade and cant read – starts crying and screaming when encouraged to read – says she can’t read and doesn’t want to read, our checking account has gone down to almost nothing, my husband yells at me whenever I try to talk with him, I’m doing terrible with custody dispute, there is a hole in our ceiling, we have an old van in the driveway that I’ve been waiting to get rid of for months, our smoke detectors are going off with low battery and I can’t reach them even on a chair, and more things along these lines.
C: above
T: I can’t do it all.
F: overwhelmed
A: work, intermittently do some of the things, there are always more things, feel overwhelmed and discouraged, want to just go back to bed or go for a walk
R: still lots of things to do that are not done

C: above
T: I cannot keep up with all of the things of life
F: discouraged
A: alternately try to accomplish some of the items around the house, make progress but there is still more, things going wrong faster than I can fix the problems
R: feel discouraged, overwhelmed with the problems around here.

C: above
T: I should think that I can do all this.
F: frustrated
A: try to do some of the things, still more to do, think it is truly not possible to do all of these thing and I’m just beating up on myself
R: discouraged

I feel as if you are going to tell me that it is possible to do all of these thing I just need to think it is. My mind does not believe that, and I don’t think my mind is wrong. My husband and I had a hard time keeping up with everything when he did live here, and now there are more issues in the house and fewer adults to do them.

I don’t know if I need to process the emotion of overwhelm/discouragement and wait for it to pass, then do things. In the meantime my computer with my legal documents are down, I have work and kids, our smoke detector keeps chirping, my husband keeps texting me with new changes.

Thank you for your help.