I can’t find the R line

Hi. I’m having a tough time with not putting just another action in the result line.


C-Sister says to me in a text about her mental state “Basically every day my mental energy is spent trying to even want to be alive because at this juncture it truly feels easier to just not be alive”

T- My sister wants to kill herself


A- try to coach her using the model, spend a lot of time with her on the phone, feel guilty for my life and my moments of happiness, feel guilty for not having such a bad dose of depression/anxiety as she does, feel selfish for not wanting to talk to her all the time because I get worn out.

R- (I don’t know) I showed I care. (Showing a care from a feeling of sadness? If seems like actions driven from sadness might be a problem.)

I often end up with actions in the R line. Like “find evidence for”…is often on the R line, and that’s clearly an action. So, I don’t see how it gets to sneak into the R. Or, “ruminate about it” also gets stuck in the R line sometimes, and, again, that’s an action. Am I right?

Results don’t seem clear all the time. I am in certification, and I get that you, as the coach, offer the result. But sometimes I can’t find my own result. Often times the result hasn’t come to fruition. Brooke says go back up to the action line and flush that out more. But here I feel like It’s as flushed out as it could be.