I can’t get this one…

Hi, I’m getting good at the model but I’m getting stuck.

I’m getting married in May 2023. I’ve been really in love with this man for the past 2.5 years and all I’ve wanted is to marry him. Now we’re engaged and I’m starting to wonder if we will make a good team. I think I’m realizing how much more ambitious I am than he is, and I’m afraid that we’re going to grow apart. I’m trying to separate facts from feelings, and this one is hard. Can you tell me if I’m doing this model right?

Unintentional Model:

C- Marriage
T- I’m not sure if I’m making the right decision
F- Fearful
A- Resentful, putting space in between
R- Less confident about decision

Intentional Model:

C- Marriage in May
T- I love this man and he treats me amazing
F- Safe and confident
A- Love him more
R- More confident about decision