I can’t survive without my husband’s love


My husband and I are splitting. He’s in love with someone else so he’s leaving me.
He’s the love of my life, my man, my planet, and I didn’t expect anything but living with him until the day I die.
The pain is unbearable. I have never, ever experienced this sadness and so much despair and pain.
The thoughts are: “I can’t survive without him”, “I can’t live in a world where my man doesn’t love me anymore”, “He can’t be with that woman, I AM his woman forever”, “My life is over.”
I’m going crazy. I’m panicking, suffocating, crying, and it seems I won’t be able to make it. This pain is killing me.
I’m sorry, my message is a mess, I don’t even know what my question is. Probably: what can I do in order not to drown and go insane?
Can you help me?
Thank you