I can’t work on thoughts about time until I finish weight loss

So far I’ve lost 70lbs, goal is to lose 80 total – 10 more.

Over the last like ~30 pounds of weight loss, I’ve been uncovering a lot of work I need to do around time and productivity. Eating was always my escape from overwhelm, procrastination, trying to outrun my unworthiness through overcompensating with productivity. I have learned and improved on a lot of my time management and productivity just by going all in on my “one thing”, but now my time drama is getting in the way of losing my last 10lbs. (a thought)

I’m at the point in weight loss where I need to buckle down, focus, dig deeper, and give more focus and attention to the journey and in following my protocol, etc. But fortunately and unfortunately, I have a lot of mind visibility around my thoughts about time, etc.

My thoughts are:
– I need to focus on weight loss stuff right now, but can’t because I’m distracted with time.
– I need to solve my time drama, and then I’ll be able to more effectively schedule weight loss work, as well as solve for the overwhelm, and the productivity drama.
– I should only focus on weight loss right now. Constrain. Do only one thing.
– I shouldn’t stop/pause weight loss work in order to coach on time. It will only deter me from my weight loss goal.
– I can’t solve the weight loss problems without addressing the root cause of why I want to overeat – which is all my drama around time, productivity, procrastination, etc.

I realize this is kind of an all or nothing, either-or. It’s possible that I can technically do both. Ideally I would solve just enough overwhelm drama in order to focus on weight loss, then lose the rest of the weight, be “done” (what qualifies as done? a question I will answer for myself), but then dive deep into the time management.

My brain is trying to keep me confused. I have a desire to focus, constrain, and go all in and finish the weight loss.

Please help me see through this a bit. Thanks coaches!