I change my mind and like both reasons v3

Once you have made a decision, you can expect that other people will say words, share their points of view, and opinions. It is what we do as humans. But other people’s points of view are all neutral for you. You can’t be swayed by them.
I can say that but in reality I am swayed because I like their words, their arguments for the opposite of my decision make sense and resonate with me. It feels right to change my mind.

Your model for me
C: Decision made
T: I am not sure if I have made the right decision
F: Unsure
A: Start considering other peoples’ opinions, try to find new reasons why it was the right or wrong decision
R: Change my mind about the decision back and forth and don’t move forward either way

But I do move forward. I just move forward with the opposite decision that I had originally made.

Imagine what would be different for you if you felt commitment or trust towards your initial decisions and then analyzed other people’s opinions from that place?
I could, but I like their reasons better than mine.

What do you want to think and feel about the decisions you make so that will lead you to the result you most want here? The result doesn’t have to be a specific task you are working on, but even the relationship and trust you have with yourself.
I wish I had all their information before I made a decision. I don’t like that I change my mind but when I do then I’m committed and go all in. I just wish the flip flop wasn’t there before I took action. I wish I didn’t waste time going between the two. How can I learn to make the best decision first?