I dare you!

I know we are out of “dare month” but I wanted to tell you a couple of things. I am traveling alone to see friends and family after being with my hubby for a couple of days. I am sitting alone (not lonely) in the fancy restaurant in my hotel…ok, maybe easy for some of you but I would ordinarily be a room service gal in this situation. Also, when I checked into the hotel and they asked me why I chose this place, I told them it was because when I googled “free parking in hotels downtown Seattle” they popped up. Oh…parking is $42 per night. Hummm…..I said, does that seem right to you? This is so unlike me! You guessed it, free parking. I know these dares are not about getting free stuff but in some of these situations I would just suck it up and say nothing. Thanks, Brooke,
I didnt care much for “dare month” but I get it now and its a skill I needed to develop. I will continue.