I deserve to drink a bottle of wine

I wrote a question a few months ago about binge drinking and I am still struggling with it. I have really reduced my drinking overall in the past few months on scholars but I keep hitting these moments where all the tools I am using: feeling the urge in my body, witnessing the urge and being curious about it, trying to imagine sitting next to it, reminding myself why I don’t want to drink and reminding myself of the idea of massive action…none of them work. I hear myself saying “I deserve to drink this wine, I need to soothe myself with this wine” I know this is not the right thought..is it a form of self pity? Do you have any suggestions for a way to deal with this thought? In your previous answer you suggested trying to make the urge as big as possible because binging comes from a place of scarcity..I keep trying that but I’m struggling with it. I was trying to find the post, but it looks like it’s been removed, are the responses removed each month? thank you.