I did my dare – asked for meal for free.

I am in a similar place as others that say they are extroverted and had trouble picking a dare. I have done small things. So even though I didn’t think it would necessarily be ‘too hard’ to do I was fascinated on how it would actually feel to ask for a meal for free when I would probably get a no. :).

So I was out for a drink and snacks after work with a girl friend that also loves self development and I talk to her sometimes about Brooke and her work. I didn’t give her a heads up but when waitress came I asked for our meal for free. No bad reason, just that we had a great time on patio and wanted to know if it could be free. So much fun! What a rush! I live in Canada so there was a thought that maybe because we are so ‘nice’ that they would do it because I asked.

But no – she checked with the manager and I didn’t get meal for free. We were laughing so much about it that I didn’t even explain to waitress that it was a dare.

Thanks Brooke – that was fun and did help me feel emotion.. I am building self confidence. Love it!