"I did really well on my calendar protocol this week"

I noticed a thought that looked positive as I was reviewing my week. But I’m unsure if my model about it is mixed? Maybe I am uncomfortable with feeling proud of myself? I’d like to explore this because feeling proud of myself is one of the feelings that I see key to moving forward with my goals and dreams.

C: review of billable hours completed for the week
T: I did really well on my calendar protocol this week
F: proud of myself
A: notice how much I got done during the week, forgive myself for not following my calendar 100%, notice that I did hard things even though I was in emotional turmoil, notice that I buffered a lot even though I mostly followed my calendar, be curious about whether it could have been easier, wonder if I can do accomplish this level of productivity again
R: ??

Thanks in advance for your model input!