I did something wrong.

I would like help on my models. The situation is that I am doing a group book study with 4 friends, we have a WhatsApp group to discuss it and meet once a week on zoom. One of the friends has very strong views on marriage. I expressed in the WhatsApp group that I want to leave my marriage. She expressed her opinions and I took it personally and reacted very strongly back to her. She then decided to leave the group study. After it happened I felt very awful about the way I reacted and realized I was in emotional childhood. I cleaned up my thoughts and apologized to her. She still chose to leave the group.
These are my unintentional models:
C – Sally leaves the group study.
T – I did something wrong
F – ashamed
A – I worry about what others in the group will think of me. I cry. I want to hide. I want to leave the group myself.
R – I make myself wrong?

C – Sally leaves the group study.
T – Now other people have to suffer because of me
F – embarrassed
A – I beat myself up. I don’t want to speak to the other people in the group. I think about leaving the group.
R – I suffer

All my thoughts are along the lines of ‘I am bad’, ‘I did something wrong’, ‘I made a mistake’, ‘It’s all my fault’ and I recognize that I am only proving this true the longer I choose to believe them. Does this sound like a good intentional model:
C – Me and Sally exchange messages in the group study. Sally leaves the group study.
T – It was her decision to leave, I didn’t make her. Nothing has gone wrong.
F – Calm
A – I don’t overthink the situation. I don’t get upset. I get on with my life.
R -I stay present in my life?