I do not want to want something/somebody anymore, and a big Thank you.


I am working on the next intentional model:

C- my ex
T- I am responsible for what I feel and create, my ex doesn’t have this power.
T- deciding whom I want to want and spend my time with it’s a skill I can master it by continuos practice
F- confident/
A- focus on what/who really matters to me
R- I do not want to want my ex anymore

I want to get this result : I do not want to want him anymore, like Brooke was saying she doesnt want to want Chardonay, But I am not sure when I’m ready to believe and have this result, or if I already have it?
Now, I have to say that I’ve been doing this work for a while, and I got to realize he is not my problem, ( I thought I was feeling bad because of him). So I didn’t want to want him anymore since ‘he was causing me pain’. I took responsibility for my happiness and that was a very good news for me( that I am responsible for all my feelings). I did homework every day and thought downloads on this and models ever since last October. And it worked, I feel free, now that I am in charge of my feelings and that I know I can take care of myself, he doesn’t ‘mean’ the same for me.
My question is, should I expect not to have any desire for him, that would be my ultimate goal or should I expect always to have my primitive brain ‘seeking some quick reward’ and just not feed it?

Million times thank you for all the answers I got from Ask Brooke, nobody from SCS should underestimate the power of ‘Ask Brooke’ section. Doing models on your own, it’s slower process when your results, but much powerful that having somebody make it ready for you.