I don’t believe I am a good listener

I believe the best sentence for me to believe has to do with being a great listener. I have a desire to help people through their struggles with health, weight, as a wife, parent, or with adopted kids. I feel I have a great deal of experience that I have to draw from. My big obstacle is that I do not feel that I am a very good listener. As I watch and listen to Brooke and all the other coaches do their coaching, I think that I don’t listen well, and I have difficulty helping others find their own answer within themself by my asking them questions. I tend to tell people what I think will work in their situation rather than letting them dig and think.

The sentence I am looking at starting with is
“I am a discerning listener with a wise and understanding heart.”
Other sentences that have come to mind are,
“I listen from a place of peace and calm.
“I easily hold my own thoughts while I listen to someone share their thoughts.”
“I know the right questions to ask in assisting others in finding their own answers.”

You are a life coach. What listening skills do you think are serving you best in being successful?
If I am wanting to become my version of you 🙂 at a future time, what would my thoughts about listening look like?