I don’t believe my goal is feasible or possible

I am a 48 year old single mother with children who depend on me. I want so badly to start my own coaching business, as I am in a job I do not like, but I simply cannot find away to do this. I feel like I have no support – nobody to catch me if I fall. I want to believe that my thoughts create my reality, and I’ve seen that happening sometimes. However, I think the reality of my situation right now is that I cannot start a coaching business and I need to find a job that I hate less than my current one so that I can at least live out the rest of my career in peace. I met with a coach who encouraged me to imagine how I would feel if I were to achieve the goal I actually want (my own business), but I immediately got all constricted and felt like “I have obligations, I have bills to pay, I simply can’t prioritize myself right now.” It was painful for me to look at the possibility without believing I could actually have it.

So I’m not really sure what my work is from here. Do I look for a “better” job, which is what I’ve BEEN doing? Or, do I try to find some way to do both? I’m waffling in indecision and it’s preventing me from getting results. Or, do I do the work to BELIEVE that what I want is possible?