I don’t feel better after thought downloading and modelling, why?

How is this model going to help me change? This morning, I did a thought download and I was filled with fear and anxiety about an investment property that I need to sell. Over the years, I have pulled money out against the mortgage and now I almost owe more on the property than it’s worth. I feel so much shame and I am embarrassed about my financial situation as the real estate market has slowed down and the property will sell for way less. I’m stressed and anxious daily.

Here is model
C: The townhouse is only worth $160,000 I owe $155,000

T: I screwed up! I’m a loser! Why did you get yourself in this mess! Everybody thinks this property is almost paid off! Its not!

F: Shame and anxiety

A: I ate off my meal plan, didn’t do my workout, called in sick to work, went shopping when the last thing I should be doing is spending money

R: I’m not at my goal weight because I cheat on my diet when I feel stressed
I don’t have the body I want because I don’t workout regularly when I anxious
I ruminate and worry because I feel stuck in my life

Where do I go from here to help me feel better?