I don’t feel like doing it

Dear coach 🙂

I often find myself thinking “I don’t feel like doing it” and it’s extremely debilitating as you can imagine!

For example in this model :
C – I have a project that needs to be explored further, to be thought deeper and to be synthetized before I can present it to my CEO
T – I don’t feel like doing it
F – Lazy
A – doing something easier instead
R – I didn’t work on my project

I’ve asked myself why do I think “I don’t feel like doing it”? And here are some answers I found :
– Because it seems difficult / challenging
– Because it’s uncomfortable
– Because I don’t know yet how to do it
– Because I’m afraid to suck at it
– Because I don’t want to fail
– Because I think I’m not capable to do it properly

I’m wondering what I could think instead of “I don’t feel like doing it”, on purpose? What thoughts could help me get in the A line “I work on my project” ?

Thanks a lot for your help!