I don’t know what i want

C : romantic relationship
T : i don’t know what i want.
F : anxiety
A : i ask others to answer my doubts. I make pro and con lists and i feel lost. I spent Time and money in therapy trying to figure out.
R : i loose energy and Time and money and i am not going forward.

C : romantic relationship
T : for the moment i am in relationship with C and i enjoy the moment.
E : appeased
A: i am relaxed and i can smile and laugh
R : i enjoy the moment. I have energy for other things.

C : romantic relationship
T : when i am ready, i will know exactly what i want and i will figure out how to succeed
F : confidence.
A : no action
R : i don’t loose Time and energy.

C : romantic relationship
T : life will guide me, i just have to trust life.
F : confidence
A : no action
R : i dont loose Time and energy

Can i have your feedback on this ?