I don’t know what thought I can come up with to help me with my model.

My friend recommended me to her previous organization for a job which I got hired recently as a manager. I have little to do yet and I am reading lots of materials. I go to this collaboration website for the team which they are asking technical questions. I don’t know the answers and I see people with positions lower than mine answering the questions. Here is what I say to myself: OMG! I am so stupid! I have no knowledge! They do not know who they hired. They are gonna figure out that I am not qualified for this role. How did I get hired? It was because Mary recommended me! I will make a fool of myself.

C: New job as a manager
T: I have no idea how I am going to do this!
F: Anxious
A: Jumping around from one topic to another, spinning in my head, over snacking
R: I can’t do it.

I tried some thoughts, but I am still anxious!