I don’t like how I’m showing up at work

C: Younger boss with less experience questions something I did correctly.
T: I am in an absurd situation that slows me and this project down. This should not be happening to me at this stage in my career.
F: Resentful, Angry, Impatient, Rude, Combative
A: Answer with rudeness, raise my voice, speak with urgency, frustration, say “I’ve already explained this”, “this decision has already been made, why don’t you remember?”, work fewer hours, buffer with food and TV, escape into daydreams about quitting or working somewhere else, then daydream about how bad life would be if I didn’t have this job
R: Situation stays pretty absurd, and it happens whether I want it to or not

I realize that I am telling myself I can’t show up as a good employee unless I have the ideal boss.

I know this is my thinking, but I’m stuck.

Intentional thoughts I’m considering:
My boss can learn from me when I am patient and kind
Showing up as the ideal employee is something I do for me, not my boss
It is always better to be kind
It’s not my problem if my boss slows down the project, it’s hers (this one is probably the hardest!)