I don’t like Jonah.

Hi Brooke- thanks so much for your model and help with using it. My current circumstance is that my partner is recovering his health and currently needs at home care. Therefore, I live in a house with his parents and two brothers. One brother, Jonah, has always been tricky for me to accept and like. Now that we are living together, I can’t simply avoid him, and I want to do the thought work to get to a place that feels good. I’ve done the model and am still searching for a thought to change my experience of him. I’d love your suggestions! xx Greta

C: I live with Jonah.
T: I don’t like Jonah.
F: annoyed
A: avoid or argue with him
R: I don’t like Jonah.

NEW MODEL (work in progress- please help me with a better thought!)
C: I live with Jonah.
T: Jonah is allowed to be who he is and is doing his best in a stressful situation.
F: acceptance/ allowance
A: let him be who he is
R: have compassion and allow him to be who he is