I don’t like my adult daughter

Hi. I know that’s an awful thought to have about my own daughter, but she does so many things I don’t like and our relationship has been strained for years. She lies, she tries to bully me and when I don’t cave, she stops calling, visiting, etc. I know she talks bad about me behind my back to her siblings because it gets back to me. She has three children so I keep in contact with her so that I can see my grandkids (they live in the same neighborhood).
So, I love her, but I’m really tired of the stress this relationship causes. I have three other grown children with whom I get along great and enjoy. As I write this I haven’t spoken to her in over a month. I’ve sent her a few friendly texts and just get a one or two word response. She posts pictures of baking cookies and fun activities she’s doing with the little kids on Instagram and that always makes me feel bad that I wasn’t included. I would love to be. I really want to feel peaceful about this. I want to not think about it as much as I do. So, how do I get her antics out of my head and forget about it? How do I find peace and not feel guilty about the negative feelings I have about her and my fatigue with all the effort it takes to get along with her?