I don’t like my mother

I realized from the homework assignments that I really don’t like my mother. Her personality is too strong and domineering for me.
Some excerpts from the exercise were: She was very loyal and my support and advocate… I never felt she cared about me…. I learned that love was conditional and inconsistent… My mother would constantly say, “What’s wrong with you?!”I learned that there was something wrong with me… she was very high-strung and always yelling…I was always scared of her….

Can I be a healthy, strong, and functioning adult and not like my mother? (my answer is no)
Is it ok for me not to like my mother? (again my answer is no)
Can I have a good relationship with my mother and still not like her? (I think I can but because our relationship is functional and giving, it’s just that I don’t like her)
Please advise,
Thank you