I don’t like my partner’s parenting style

Hi, I need help with this unintentional model. I can’t seem to find the result that would be evidence of my thought. It’s regarding my thoughts about my partner’s parenting style. This thought came from a thought download I had on my thoughts about him.

C: My partner’s parenting style
T: I don’t like his parenting style.
F: Disappointed
A: I look down on him, I criticize him, I don’t support him, I don’t expect much of him.
R: ?

I thought that one result is that I don’t like who I become as a partner but I don’t see how that would be evidence of my original thought. I realize that the source of my problem is that I have a manual for him on how he should parent so I know I need to work on that…Thank you in advance for your help with this one!