I don’t like my reasons for weight loss >>

I was doing some journaling on reasons for my weight loss goal. They were all the reasons I don’t like. I know the reasons I will like. but they don’t weigh that much against the unwanted ones.

Unwanted reasons:
– To look good
– to wear anything I love
– Feel confident
– to fit into the idea of beauty that society has given or appreciates so I can get their validation
– I won’t have to deal with mental chatter about my weight and tummy
– Find clothes in stores more easily
– Others will think I am strong, disciplined and beautiful
– I will be able to fit into my old clothes

Wanted reasons:
– I will become a new person in this pursuit.
– I will learn something that will have ripples in my life
– I will change my relationship with food which means it will have an affect on what I teach my son – automatically too.

However I need to find more compelling reasons that I love. First my brain is offering me – I don’t know. And immediate thought is – why can’t we just be ok with how we are, we are fine. Let’s just stay here. There is nothing wrong (but it sounds like a voice that keeps you comfortable and doesn’t want you to leave the security blanket).

Can you offer some coaching here please?